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Bakery Wouter Bakker

Did you know we have a bakery in the yard? In season, Wouter Bakker's bakery is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Baking is his 'out of control' hobby. In the bakery, Wouter makes various kinds of sourdough breads, sweet rolls and croissants.

Open on Saturday & Sunday

The bakery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8.30am to 12.30pm. You can then collect bread and delicacies and enjoy them on the terrace in sunny weather.

Delicious croissants

Did you know that only 1% of bakers in the Netherlands still make their own croissants? Wouter is one of them. Making these croissants takes three days. We haven't often had them as tasty as these!

The almond croissants are there almost every week. In summer, there are also filled croissants, for example with strawberry, pistachio or vanilla cream with chocolate.

Sourdough bread

Bread without additives is quite unique in the Netherlands (unfortunately). Wouter only bakes bread without unnecessary additives and based on natural fermentation. That takes time and at the same time provides a lot of flavor. There is a changing range of sourdough bread every week, such as: baguettes and small buns with sourdough as a base.

Varying assortment

Sourdough breads and croissants are part of the weekly range. Wouter makes a varying range every week. From tartelettes with summery fruit to a Parisian flan, macarons or eclairs.

Curious about this week's assortment? Keep an eye on his Instagram: @wouter__bakker.

Bocca Coffee

Fancy a nice cappuccino or espresso? Another of Wouter's hobbies is: specialty coffee. So an espresso machine is a must in the bakery. Using beans from Bocca Coffee, Wouter makes delicious coffees. You can also order these for to-go or in your cottage. 

Enjoying on the terrace

Outside on the terrace and in our garden, there are plenty of tables for breakfast or brunch. You can order everything on the counter to enjoy outside with a cup of coffee, tea or juice. 

"Out of control" hobby

A few years ago, Wouter started baking sourdough bread. Just at home, to avoid having to buy bread from the supermarket. His bread was popular with friends and family, so soon it became a few extra loaves a week. And now, in a professional workspace, he bakes dozens of loaves, hundreds of croissants and whatnot every week for everyone who visits the bakery. To keep it fun and also to keep it a hobby, the bakery is open in the weekend. 

Opening hours

Changing opening hours apply during the year:

  • April to October: Saturday and Sunday

  • November and December: Sunday

  • January to mid-February: closed

  • Mid-February to March: Sunday

Current opening hours are always posted on Wouter's website:

View behind the scenes

Curious about how things are going at the bakery? Then follow @wouter__bakker on Instagram.

Current opening hours and more info can be found on his website:


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